More Than Honest: Living Transparently

Transparency is a buzzword today. It is thrown around in all spheres from business to ministry as something crucial for leaders. Yet, in Christianity, transparency is needed for all believers and not just in leaders. So much of the talk and teaching on transparency is truly just honesty, and not actual transparency. So what is the difference between transparency and honesty and how do we move past an honest life and into a transparent one?

Christ and Culture

Richard Niebuhr wrote a book about a century ago looking at Christ, culture, and how the two should interact in our lives. The purpose was to look at Christ's example for us in Scripture and what then we as Christians two millenniums later should interact with culture. It is a spectrum of five different choices which Niebuhr lists ranging from the extremes of being against culture and of culture. On the one hand, we have groups like the Amish and Mennonites who completely separate themselves from society, and on the others we have a group of believers so immersed in society that they cannot even be recognized.