More Than Honest: Living Transparently

Transparency is a buzzword today. It is thrown around in all spheres from business to ministry as something crucial for leaders. Yet, in Christianity, transparency is needed for all believers and not just in leaders. So much of the talk and teaching on transparency is truly just honesty, and not actual transparency. So what is the difference between transparency and honesty and how do we move past an honest life and into a transparent one?

Less Leadership, More Following

Were you aware that Jesus actually spoke on following 4 times more than he spoke about leading? It is true. In fact, much of Jesus's teaching was dominated by the topics of submission and following. Yet, when you do a quick search on Christian bookstores for the topic of submission, the results are minimal and … Continue reading Less Leadership, More Following

10 Ways to Help Your Children Through Cyber-Bullying

No matter the platform, teens are spending nearly all their time online. A recent survey showed 45% of teens said they are online almost constantly, while another 44% said they’re online several times a day. Only 11% said they were online less often. This constant screen time often times results in varied levels of cyber-bullying. Many teens will face cyber-bullying at some level in their lives, how can you help guide your children through these hard times?