Yesterday, I was asked to creatively define what evangelism is. For so long, evangelism has been connected to knocking door to door or standing on the street corner yelling at people through a megaphone that they are going to hell. But that is not evangelism.

The original Greek meaning behind evangelism was “to bring good news” as a verb, or simply “good news” as a noun.

It is the bringing of the gospel, the good news of God. We see in the life of Jesus that the news he brought was good for anyone who was oppressed and/or in bondage. It usually was only a bad thing for those who were abusing power. Why then today does the idea of evangelism bring such negative connotation and make us disgusted simply thinking of it?

The gospel should be good news that other people enjoy hearing because it is good, and it brings life and freedom.

So I return to the proposition I was approached with. To artistically or creatively write or draw what evangelism means to me. I am not an artist, nor am I a poet. I hear God most often through Scripture and the way he reveals himself to me. I attempted to be as poetic as I could, but in honesty, my description of evangelism and the gospel is more an understanding a connection of what the Bible tells us than my own thoughts. Either way, I thought I would share with you what I wrote down, and hopefully it will help you rethink evangelism and how you can proclaim the good news in your life regularly and organically.

It is a fire inside my bones that I cannot contain. It wears on me as I try to hold it in. It bursts forth and I cannot contain it anymore. It is the good news that I will proclaim of how the Lord called me out of darkness and into marvelous light. It is the power of God for salvation to anyone who believes.

When words elude me, your Spirit speaks through me. I am nothing but a broken vessel, offering myself before you. I come as I am, still broken and lacking. Yet you fill me up and it runs over. It rises up and bursts from within me and runs over all around. Your blessings are so good and bless those around me as well.

My weaknesses are your strength. You blessed me to be a blessing, so God move my feet to where you want me to go. Give me courage and strength to follow your leading.

Forgive my unbelief and expand my trust to not limit your working through me God. Do not let me put a limit on what you will do.

Your promises are good, and your word is true.

It is the proclamation of freedom from bondage, liberation from oppression, and life from death. It is the Holy Spirit breathing life into dry bones.

It is life. It is love. It is freedom. It is easy.

It is good.

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