The Power of Testimony

I said it yesterday. Your testimony has power and you should own it and claim it. People can argue with your beliefs and claims, but they cannot argue with your testimony. Your testimony is one of the most powerful weapons you hold, and you should share it boldly when the time arises. We connect with stories, because we can relate to other people. Your testimony is powerful because chances are you are not the only person who has faced the issues you are facing.

When you share your testimony, you invite others to connect with the struggles you had and the redemption you have received by the power of God.

When sharing your testimony, I believe there are a few things to remember while doing so to most effectively share it.

  1. Share your story.
  2. Explain your problem/need.
  3. Share your rescue from this.

Share your story.

Be transparent and vulnerable. Be honest and real. Let people see the good, the bad and the ugly in you. People can sniff out lies better than you think. On top of that, people cannot relate to your picture perfect story. Tell your story, but do not paint yourself as the hero (we will come back to the hero later). Not everyone can relate with you being the varsity quarterback or prom queen. If this is part of your story, share it, but do not make yourself to be the hero of the story. We have seen that enough in Hollywood and the majority of people cannot relate.

Explain your problem/need.

Maybe you were the quarterback or prom queen, but you also had problems. The insecurities or pressure you faced to be liked. Or the pressure to do well and crumbling underneath it. Share the struggles which you had and the problems in your life and how these impacted you. Because this is where people are going to relate to you.

Aristotle named 3 things all communicators needs to speak effectively. People need to know you know what you are talking about (your logos as Aristotle said). People need to know why they should trust you (your pathos). And people want to know you care about them (ethos).

Your life should be modeled in love which lets others know how much you care. Yet, people still want to know why they should listen to you. This involves not only knowing that you know what you are talking about, or that you care. It also means they need to know that they can listen to you because you understand. You have walked in their shoes and have faced hardships as well. Be authentic as you share the problems you had and the pains in your life. The problems allow for you to share the solution.

Sharing your rescue.

Here is your place to share the hero of the story, Jesus. How did you receive redemption, restoration, and rescue from your problems and pain? This is where your testimony hits home because here is where you show and give hope. We live in a world empty of all hope, and so you need to share with them the hope you have. Peter tells us to always be prepared to give an answer for the HOPE inside us (1 Pet 3:15). That hope inside you is Jesus. It is God. It is the Holy Spirit. It is when God “called you out of darkness into his marvelous light” (1 Pet 2:9). So maybe as you have been thinking on your story, you also should think about the rescue which Christ brought you.

Your testimony is important. Your testimony is powerful. As you think through your testimony, become comfortable and confident in it and share it boldly because it is powerful.

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