New Adventures: Podcasting

When Taylor and I moved back to Houston, we got involved with a house church called The Abode Church. The Abode Church is a community of house churches located in Houston, Dallas, and Malawi Africa. The Abode exists to bring people together to be people who abide in Jesus. One of the things we have started to help unity and fellowship between our locations is a podcast which I will be hosting. Every other week we will interview different leaders or members of The Abode across our different locations and hear about what God is doing in their lives individually and collectively. Following our interview, I will give a brief devotional around 10 minutes long. If you attend one of The Abode churches I would highly encourage you to check out the Podcast. Also, if you would be interested in starting a small group house church of your own partnering with The Abode, take a listen and reach out to The Abode on Facebook or at their websites. I will attach the links below for each of these. The Podcast is available on iTunes and Google Play, just search The Abode Church Podcast.

Podcast website link

The Abode website

The Abode Facebook Page

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