Monday Motivation: A Prayer

Today, instead of writing a typical blog, I will instead be sharing a short prayer. I hope this prayer is both a blessing and an encouragement as you begin your week.

Almighty Father, wonderful Savior, and our safe hiding place. Thank you for the blessings you continue to pour out on us though we do not deserve it. Lord, we pray that your Spirit continues to shape us and work in us. Continue to reveal yourself to us daily. Let us love you more and more every day. Lord, we lift up our prayers to you and want nothing but your glory God. Guide our every steps and direct us where you please. Let our lives reflect who you are.

God, I pray that you fill us with the joy of the Father and the bliss of Jesus Christ. Fill us with your eternal delight which can only come from the Holy Spirit. You are our maker and Creator, our love and joy, our protector and everything. So fill us with your presence God.

Lastly, God, would you reveal yourself to us in such a way that we are so in love with the person of Jesus, that we fully love the purpose of Jesus, so we can live and love with the passion of Jesus. Forgive us where we fall short and continue to transform us into the image of the wonderful and beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thank you God, for you are so awesome. Anything and everything which we can ever want or need is found solely in your Triune nature. We pray all these things through the beautiful and powerful name of Jesus, amen.

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