Book Review: Youth Ministry 2027

Brock Morgan knocks this book out of the park. Definitely a must-read for ministry, but Youth Ministry 2027 is a great read for anyone curious about how we can reach the next generation for God. Brock Morgan plays on words with “2027” as a double purpose both from John 20:27 while also looking forward to how we can look to approach youth ministry in the year 2027. With this being said, I am going to summarize the two main points I take away from Morgan’s book.

We must welcome and embrace teen’s doubt.

This is where John 20:27 comes into play. For too many years, youth ministry was organized by telling teens they must sit down and listen and accept everything they hear like robots and go on with their lives. Morgan references John 20:27 – and to save you the time this is the story with “doubting” Thomas. Never once does Jesus condemn Thomas for doubting that Jesus came back to life.

Why? Because dead people usually stay dead. Because the supernatural is radical and completely different than they world. But this is not only the case with the resurrection, but our faith as a whole. Christianity is radically different from any other religion in the world. In a day and age when everyone believed the “gods” created man as slaves or for comic relieve, Christianity taught that God made man in his image to rule over his creation on his behalf. When every other religion teaches of how to reach heaven, Christianity teaches that God stepped out of heaven and came to us. Since we can never do enough, he did what we could not for us.

So why then if Christianity is completely different and Jesus does not condemn our skepticism, do we do that with teens? Instead, we should follow Jesus’s lead to walk alongside our questions to show and reveal to us the truth. Secondly,

To continue to survive, youth ministry HAS to change how it functions.

Youth ministry has continued in these ways to long. Luckily for us, we see a post-Christian Europe moving back to Jesus. The problem is they rejected a Christianity many of us would reject to. But rather than opposing the misrepresentations of Christianity, many left the church because they painted it with one broad stroke. Youth ministry 2027 is also looking to how in the next 10 years we can move to a healthier and more sustainable version of youth ministry.

These younger generations long for two things. Authenticity and action. Teens want people who are going to be real and authentic with them and will work to bring about authentic change. Social justice is the most important topic for today’s teens. Teens are NOT the church of tomorrow though, they are a part of the church today. So how can we equip them to begin working and serving in the church for the kingdom today? Rather than just sitting in the classroom and being filled with knowledge, how can we take the classroom on the road and live out our faith while we teach? Because this is what discipleship is.

Brock Morgan covers many more topics in this book, but these are the two major themes I find prevalent throughout. I highly recommend purchasing the book published through Youth Cartel, and I promise it will help you re-evaluate how we reach teens in the coming years. Young people are leaving the church. Lets make it a point to figure out how we can reach them and keep them before they check out by offering Christianity how it is supposed to look!

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