Battling Entitlement

Entitlement is the biggest issue facing today’s generations. As a millennial, I can say that we have been pampered our whole lives and given way more than we ever really needed or earned. While this initially seems like nice and loving parents, it does no good for us as we grow. I am not going to layout a nice and cute definition of entitlement, because we all know what it is.

I will never get my freshman year at ACU, a student in my class got a B. She had never gotten a B before and she did not know how to react. Her mother did her assignments in high school and helped her graduate at a higher spot, but learn nothing of work ethic and learning. Our first test comes along, and she fails. The next class, the professor comes in obviously disturbed. He comes up to speak to the student who sits behind me to talk to her about why her mother called him about her grades. A freshman in college had her mother calling the professor about why she did not deserve to fail.

I know my children are still young, but our son helps us clean up his messes that he makes. If he wants a drink or a snack, he goes and gets us his last cup to bring to us. We are not doing everything perfectly, but we are battling against him being entitled.

Battle against entitlement by not just giving in to the demands for instant gratification. Instead, make teens earn respect, earn trust, earn some of the things they receive through work. Give consequences to actions and teach when the opportunities arise. Give room to teens to fail and let them fail. Pick them up and encourage them, but do not do it all for them. We have all heard of helicopter parents who hover around their children. But just as dangerous are “lawnmower parents” who cut down all of the problems in front of their children before they encounter them.

The first line of defense against entitlement is parenting to prevent it.

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