Monday Motivation: What Breaks Your Heart?

“God, what is your plan for my life?” This must be one of the most common prayers offered up by believers trying to be obedient to God. We live our lives awaiting God to come down and say “this is what I want you to do.” God does at times give us a specific calling for us on our lives, but more often than not, God is just calling us to be faithful.

So where is God calling you?

Let me ask you this, what is it that breaks your heart?

What breaks your heart in this world? Because I am willing to bet that God would love for you to work in his kingdom in these areas that breaks your heart in the world. Human trafficking? Unclean water? Starving children? Illiteracy? God is willing and able to use you where your deepest passions and his mission intersect. So what breaks your heart, and how can you use this to further the kingdom of God?

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