Wednesday Night Roundup

Man another Wednesday night in the books! It was a great night in our youth last night as far as I saw. We had quite a few visitors, many who were visiting for the first time! Which was great, since we had a number of kids out with other things going on in their lives.

I was not sure how our numbers were going to be, knowing that there was a school sponsored worship night at a high school here in town which pulled a lot more kids last year. I did not find out about it until last minute so I think it was not advertised as heavy as last year. I called in our pizza early, and get there to pick it up but man the place was PACKED! I was waiting for 23 minutes seeing our pizza ready while I was waiting in line. Luckily when I got to the church I was not attacked by the ravenous teens waiting to be fed.

We had a lot of fun and laughs hanging out and talking before the night began. I found a great and funny FREE Star Wars game to play so I went and found a hilarious countdown video of 2 guys having a dance off dressed as Chewy and Yoda. The video worked when I watched it but when I went to start the countdown for service, it did not work… Luckily the teens were good sports and so we went ahead and got started.

We played a game called “Jedi Master Light-saber Battle.” It was hilarious! Basically, the teens had to put their hands together and their 2 index fingers were  their light-sabers.  If you get poked you are out, and it was hilarious! The kids were making sound effects, running around and screaming, and getting super serious about becoming the Jedi Master. We finished the first battle and they begged to do one more so we did and it went great.

From there, we went into worship and sang Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) by Chris Tomlin and There is a Fountain by Citizens & Saints. Worship is still a bit rocky and man I do not know what to do to smooth this out, so we are trusting God to help us with that.

Then we entered into our third week of our series about Discipleship in Mark and we talked about blind faith and spiritual clarity. We looked at the healing of the two blind men in Mark 8 & 10 and how in the middle of Jesus literally healing 2 men, the disciples who spend all their time with Jesus fail to see spiritually who he is and his mission. We watched the old awareness video with the moon walking bear to show how our physical senses so often fail us, yet we depend on them so heavily. While this isn’t a bad thing to depend on, we said that we must maintain spiritual clarity to keep our hearts set on God and his purpose. We did an illustration where a girl did a trust fall off a chair into the arms of some guys while she was blind folded. We talked about how we must also be able to trust God to catch us in our lives though we may not physically see him. Our main point was the Christian discipleship requires us to maintain spiritual clarity in our lives.

Week 3 Main Point

From there we broke into our new small groups which are still getting off the ground. I got to go sit in on the guys groups last night for a little bit in each group to watch how it was going, and man these leaders ROCK! The small groups are rough getting off the ground because the idea of teens getting real and authentic with each other is so counter-cultural to everything we are used to in our lives. While getting youth to open up to begin with is like pulling teeth, my leaders are killing it and I know pretty soon the flood gates are going to burst open and we are going to see such great fruit

I love you guys, and so does Jesus. I hope you continue to long for this water, and continue to drink from it as well. Until next time, blessings to you and your family,

Josh Gentry

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